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Elevating Your Winter Curb Appeal: Tips and Tricks to Impress Despite the Cold

Winter presents unique challenges to maintaining your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re contending with rainy Pacific Northwest weather or a snowy landscape that stretches from November to March, keeping your home’s exterior inviting and attractive is essential. At McInturff & Co., we understand the importance of preserving that “wow” factor even during the dreariest months of the year. Here are some simple yet effective ways to enhance your curb appeal this winter:

Winter Curb Appeal: Staging Your Front Porch

Whether you illuminate your porch with weatherproof lanterns adorned with LED candles, stack wood, install weather-proof furniture, or hang adornments, staging your porch can be a huge first step to upping your curb appeal. Not only does it add warmth and charm, but decor can also provide a welcoming energy on dark winter evenings.

Door Decor for the Seasons

Adorn your front door with a beautiful seasonal wreath. One of our favorite parts of changing seasons, in the decor sense, is figuring out what wreath we want to display on our front door. Its subtle fragrance and timeless elegance captivates visitors and passersbyers alike, adding a touch of sophistication to your home’s exterior. To go the extra mile, contemplate adding small swags or bundles of seasonal greenery around or over each window on the front of your home to truly encapsulate that old English garden feel.

Fresh Door Mat and Address Numbers 

Upgrade your entryway with a fresh doormat and clearly displayed address numbers. These small details make a big difference in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your home as well as display your personal style best. Here are some of our favorite address numbers – all from Etsy! Classic, Modern, European style, and Funky, just for you.

Symmetrical Plants Framing Your Door 

Frame your entryway with matching potted evergreen trees on either side of the door. These hardy plants add structure and symmetry, creating a visually pleasing focal point that withstands the winter elements. A lot of these tips ring true for each season, but this one is seriously one of our favorites. It is truly such a classic display of style. Symmetry is key!

Regular Pathway Maintenance 

Keep your pathways clear by regularly blowing leaves, snow, and debris away. A clean and well-maintained pathway not only enhances safety but also contributes to the overall tidiness of your home’s exterior which is an immediate upgrade for curb appeal.

Winter Curb Appeal: Outdoor Lighting Revamp 

Upgrade your outdoor lighting to enhance visibility and ambiance during the darker winter months. Consider installing energy-efficient LED lights or adding decorative fixtures to highlight architectural features and landscaping elements. Schoolhouse and Revival Lighting are some of our favorite companies to pull inspiration from. Etsy can even have a slew of beautiful vintage light fixtures that are a perfect way to display your style on the front of your home.

Here are a few links of brands we love to pull inspiration from for outdoor lighting:

Revival Lighting

McGee and Co

Zara Home

Mulch Refresh

Spruce up your landscaping by refreshing mulch around plants and trees. Not only does mulch help retain moisture and suppress weeds, but it also adds a polished look to your outdoor spaces.

Stylish Front Porch Furniture

Like we said before, creating an inviting outdoor space by staging your front porch with weather-resistant furniture is one of the best ways to up your curb appeal. Cozy chairs, a small table, bench and strategically placed accessories can transform your porch into a welcoming retreat, even in the chilliest weather. For inspiration on ways to add your personal style to your front porch, check out our previous blog here.

Winter Curb Appeal: Winter-Hardy Plants

Integrate winter-hardy plants into your landscaping to add color and texture year-round. Consider incorporating varieties such as Inkberry Holly, Boxwood, Cotoneaster, Blue Holly, Juniper, Mountain Laurel, Golden Euonymus, and Winter Heath for a vibrant and resilient winter garden.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your home maintains its curb appeal and makes a lasting impression throughout the winter season. At McInturff & Co., we’re dedicated to helping you showcase the beauty of your home, no matter the weather outside. Let’s make your home shine, even in the midst of winter’s chill.


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