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Modernize Home on a budget

Modernize Your Home on a Budget – With Mint Interiors Studio

Through the years, we’ve gathered different solutions to help our clients modernize their home on a budget without involving a contractor. We wouldn’t dream of gatekeeping at Mint, so we hope these tips help!

Welcome to our collaboration with Mint Interiors Studio, an extremely talented Spokane Interior design duo. Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing even more information that we have collaborated with them on. Keep your eyes peeled! And now on to the bread and butter.

A Fresh Canvas

Paint is a powerful tool that can transform a space and make it feel more modern and updated. Neutral colors like greige, beige, and white create an updated and sophisticated look. For interior paint, Sherwin Williams’  Alabaster and Greek Villa are both classics that don’t have any yellow undertones. We consider these two staples in our designer toolkit. We use them in commercial and residential environments all the time! They also offer Shoji White and White Duck which are warmer than your average white and have a classic putty look to them. We love using these anytime we’re seeking an extra bit of warmth in a space without being a full beige. Benjamin Moore’s  Chantilly Lace is the purest of whites! It doesn’t cast blues, yellows or pinks. It’s our favorite bright white – tried and true! Another Benjamin Moore color we recommend is Swiss Coffee. It isn’t quite as warm as White Duck or Shoji White, but it provides a warm undertone while remaining completely neutral. If you’re feeling brave, you can also go for a saturated color in a room to add interest and personality while still achieving a timeless aesthetic.

Trim and Door Upgrades

Switching up your outdated or damaged interior doors and trim can immediately enhance the overall look of your space. While making this change, opt for clean lines and a minimalist design while choosing a style that compliments the overall aesthetic of your home. Incorporating a neutral color palette for your doors and trim will allow for a cohesive design.

Interior door we love: Home Depot Masonite

Interior door hardware we love: Ferguson Kwisket – Pismo Collection

Baseboards we love: Home Depot Woodgrain Millwork


Replacing light fixtures is an important element of modernizing a home. For instance, chandeliers are a classic lighting fixture, but choose one with an appropriate design that suits the architecture and design of your home. We suggest a simple, streamlined design with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Pendant lights are also a popular choice when updating a space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to create the focal point of a room. Another option that is easy and cost-effective is to add battery-operated wall sconces to any room for that extra layer of light and interest. This is a fantastic option when your budget doesn’t have room to hire an electrician to hardwire the lighting. 

Lighting Options we love: West Elm Beatrix Pendant, West Elm Staggered Glass, Cedar & Moss Lexi Small, Amazon Wall Sconces


Updating hardware is another great way to modernize without completely exhausting your budget. This can be done by replacing outdated doorknobs, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles. We love to find hardware in brass, matte black, or polished nickel to give a space a modern touch. If you’re looking to create a more current space within your kitchen or bathroom, choosing a new style of faucet can make a big difference. For example, a low-profile faucet can give your space a sleek, contemporary feel. Touchless faucets have become increasingly sought after as they offer a convenient and hygienic solution. The finish of your faucet also has the power to change the overall look of your space. Similar to hardware, brass, polished nickel, and matte black finishes are excellent choices to keep in mind.

Cabinet hardware we love: Rejuvination’s Allenglade Hardware Collection and Ball Cabinet Knob

Touchless kitchen faucet we love: Ferguson’s Delta Trinsic

Accents Throughout

Incorporating decorative accents into your space is also a wonderful way to introduce an updated look. Revamping your drapery and window coverings can offer that extra layer of warmth and texture. And when it comes to your pillows, throws, and rugs, texture and color can play a big role in updating the overall aesthetic of your home. We’re big fans of area rugs to tie the overall design of the home together, making it cohesive and unique to you. Adding textured wallpaper to a wall or sprinkling in pops of color within a neutral space can make a big statement. Sometimes, your budget doesn’t allow for a complete re-tile project in your kitchen or bathroom. In this case, we recommend a peel-and-stick option for a fun, temporary fix! You can enjoy a fresh look, without the cost and commitment of new tile.

Accents we love: Everhem Roman Shades, Everhem Woven Wooden Shades,

 Serena & Lily Grasscloth Wallcovering, Serena & Lily Acadia Stripe Wallpaper, Chasing Paper Accent Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Remember, modernizing your home doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity and effort, you can transform your spaces without breaking the bank.  

From Home, Mint Interiors Studio x McInturff & Co.


Modernize Home on a budget

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