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Holiday Gift Guide for the 7 Types of Homeowners

Are you stumped on what to buy for gifts this year? Do you keep finding yourself Googling for gift guides and coming up short? As you know, at McInturff & Co we love gift giving. We are borderline obsessed with it (just ask our clients!) So, it only seemed natural to build a gift guide for this holiday season. From the perfect hostess gifts to gifts for your outdoor enthusiast, we have something for everyone this holiday season.

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Gifts for the Home Chef

This homeowner is constantly testing new recipes and bringing the results to their neighbors, friends, and family. Their sourdough starter has been given to the entire block and you turn to them whenever you need recommendations for tonight’s dinner. Here is a gift guide that will be sure to treat this home cook:

1. Fluted Ceramic Pie Pan / A sure way to earn brownie points with your favorite baker.

2. Pasta Roller / Nothing says “family time” like a homemade pasta night. This roller clamps onto your counter making it easy to roll out endless sheets of pasta dough.

3. Linen or Cotton Apron / We love the pistachio color of this apron! Another incredible apron that any amateur or professional chef/baker would love is one by White Bark Work Wear.

4. A Bucket of Flakey Salt / The BEST White Elephant Gift. You feel so fancy finishing every dish with East Coast salt crystals. We also love to rep our West Coast salt with Jacobsen Salt Co.

5. Dutch Oven / Necessary in every kitchen and this one feels so chic.

6. A Cookbook by One of Their Favorite Chefs / Such a great gift that feels fun but is also very practical. Bonus points if you sign the inside of the cookbook and tag your favorite recipe!

7. Mandoline / This tool may be hard to justify buying as a home cook, making it the perfect gift to treat someone with!

8. Seasonal Cookie Cutters / The is the perfect stocking stuffer and a gift that keeps on giving– just wait for the seasonal cookies to show up at your next dinner party!

Gift Guide for the Entertainer

From seasonal napkins to home-made goodie bags, this homeowner never fails to “wow” you (even on a simple Tuesday night dinner!) Every part of their home seems to be intentionally designed to entertain. Here’s our gift guide to make this party-lover feel cherished:

1. Fancy Candlestick Holders / These are a fun touch to round out any present and add that extra personal touch.

2. Countertop Water Filter / This is an item that entertainers dream of. It’s a beautiful and practical way to serve water without having to fill up countless pitchers.

3. Vintage Board Game / Every good party includes games and these are sure to impress! Bonus: they look great on your bookshelf, also.

5. Aperitif with Cool Branding / Ghia revolutionized N/A cocktails- We said it! This is a fun treat that everyone is sure to enjoy. Not to mention, it looks stunning sitting on your bar!

6. Signature Candle / Nothing creates ambience in a room like a signature scented candle.

7. Backyard Portable Pizza Oven / We don’t even need to pitch this one! Be if we did… we would tell you to imagine an evening centered around home-made pizza dough, a topping buffet, and clinking glasses…. DREAMY!

8. Linen Napkins / You can never have too many of these if you love entertaining!

9. Hosting Coffee Table Book / This is such a fun way to display an interest or hobby. And, it’s a great way to engage with guests too!

Gift Guide for the WFH (Work from Home) Aficionado

This homeowner thrives in their own work environment and is always looking for new ways to stay motivated in their home. They often have to battle with work/life balance when they use the same space for both. So, we have compiled a gift guide of things that will make their day-to-day routine feel more special:

1. Teva Slippers / These are perfect for keeping your feet warm, or the last-minute grocery runs in the middle of your work day.

2. Fancy Lotion / This is a great way for WFH’ers to feel pampered while they are sitting in their home office all day.

3. Dyson Fan & Air Filter / A fan positioned in your work environment is a game changer. It prevents the air from feeling stale and alleviates allergy symptoms, leaving you feeling your best. All in all, the perfect addition to a home work space!

4. Chunky Weighted Blanket / Self explanatory. In our opinion, people always need more “cozy.”

5. Under the Desk Bike / This is a great way to keep the work-from-homer moving and active, while sitting at their desk all day. Bonus: it’s compact and can be stashed away easily!

6. Candle Snuffer / This is a great stocking stuffer and a fun detail to add to your work space so you are ready to use it with your favorite candle.

7. Coffee Mug with Warming Pad / Safe to say, you’ll never have to nuke their 3-hour old cup of cold coffee again!

Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

This homeowner has their pop-up car tent ready at all times and is sure to know the best spots to hike in your area. They have countless adventures under their belt and their gear closet is fully loaded but we have compiled a list of gifts that are sure to make them feel celebrated.

1. SmartWool Beanie / This is an incredible brand and a hat that is sure to keep your head warm for all the cold outdoor adventures!

2. Arctic Cooler Backpack / This is the perfect way to pack all your snacks and beverages and keep them cool for your next trip!

3. Travel AeroPress / This simple, packable press makes a delicious cup o’ joe and can be enjoyed anywhere. Give the gift of caffeination on-the-go!

4. Waxed Canvas Firewood Carrier / This is a fun gift that most people wouldn’t think of getting themselves! It is perfect tool to save all the juggling of firewood when hiking back to your campsite.

5. Kodak Film Camera / This gift is a treasure! Allowing someone to capture timeless memories will never get old.

6. Nikon Binoculars / Binoculars will keep the outdoor-enthusiast entertained for hours!

7. Leather Leatherman Case / A great stocking stuffer for your stylin’ outdoor friend.

8. Beer Growler / Paired with a certificate for growler fill at a local brewery and you have the perfect gift! Fresh, insulated beer without the need to store cans in your fridge… what could be better?

9. SoloStove / If your friend loves road-trips and camping, then this is a great way to make their holiday season! The SoloStove allows you to have a miniature campfire any place you wish with its compact size and user-friendly abilities.

Gifts for the Self-Care Guru

This list is for that homeowner who gifts the most decadent scrubs “just because” and always seems to have glowy skin. All in all, this person truly has mastered self-love but here are some gifts that will add to their care routine!

1. Divi Scalp Serum / This serum is a must-have to get through the dry winter months, and will leave you feeling pampered and healthy.

2. Wellness Mindset Journal / This journal is the perfect way for anyone to start their day. The journal outlines prompts that take up five minutes each morning and allow you to easily work it into your routine!

3. Wide Tooth Comb / An incredible stocking stuffer that is both fancy and practical.

4. Hand Cream / A specialty hand cream will always feel like a treat!

5. Matcha Set / Morning routine is very important to this individual, so gifting them with a ceremonial matcha set to energize them throughout the day is the perfect gift.

6. Roomba Vacuum / Cleaning while you rest? Sign us up!

7. Plush Bathrobe / We love this linen robe that you could wrap yourself up in all day!

8. Beast Blender / This thing lives up to its name–we promise. It’s a powerhouse, leaving you with the best blended drinks all while sitting beautifully on your countertop.

Gift Guide for the Gardener

The homeowner who comes to your house with a basket full of produce and always has fresh flowers on the table. This person swears that tomato toast is the best sandwich and never fails to have fresh compost to share when needed. So, here is a list of gifts that they will gush over:

1. Hummingbird and Butterfly Seed Mix / Nothing says a thoughtful like seeds that attract your favorite birds and insects.

2. Mushroom Grow Kit / The perfect gift to get you through the snowy winter months when you are cooped up inside!

3. Fancy Garden Shears / This gift is a great way to treat your garden-loving friend with a tool they have had their eyes on but won’t justify buying themselves.

4. Gardening Book / This book illustrates examples of crops that work brilliantly together to help your fellow gardener strategize planting for the upcoming spring.

5. Canvas Gardening Tote / A sure way to make the day-to-day gardening tasks easier!

6. Birkenstock Birki Gardening Clogs / Seriously one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. Warning: You may find your friend wearing them outside the garden!

7. Harvest Basket / For all the harvest bounties! This is great to pack produce and bring to friends’ houses during the summer months, as well.

8. Luma Countertop Composter / This is the perfect tool to utilize all the cooking scraps and turn them into plant nutrients.

Gifts for the Lover of Experiences

This is one of our favorite types of homeowners. This person always has the best stories and lives every day like it’s their last. With that, here’s our list of gifts that have nothing to do with “the stuff”:

Staycation at a Local Boutique Hotel / This is a fun, unique treat for your friend that allows them to enjoy a surprise vacation without the hassle!

National Park Pass / Did you know a National Park Pass is only $80? We didn’t either! This is perfect for your friend that has been looking for an excuse to road-trip and explore the surrounding parks in their area!

ButcherBox Subscription / ButcherBox is an awesome company that provides high-quality meat and aims to make it more accessible. The is the perfect gift for your friend who loves to cook but seems to have every tool in the book already.

Certificate for a Local CSA Box / This gift is perfect for the person who wants to shop-local for their produce but doesn’t have time to frequent the local farmers markets.

MasterClass Membership / This website equips you with skills from professionals in any trade, making it perfect for someone who loves to learn!

A Year of StoryWorth / We love this idea for a parent or grandparent who has countless stories that should be passed down in the family. StoryWorth sends a weekly prompt for them to write about and at the end of the year, compiles all the responses into a printed book and sends it to you. The perfect heirloom gift!

Uncommon Goods Class / This hobby-based class resource has options differing from flower arranging to mapmaking. There’s truly something for everyone!

FreshSends Bouquets / Perfect for the friend who says they have everything they need already. As a flower subscription, FreshSends does an impeccable job of packaging and sending flowers, making every delivery feel like a top notch gift.

Facial at a Local Spa / After a stressful holiday season, this is the perfect gift for a friend who has been busy hosting, traveling, or just needs some extra self-care in their life.

Here at McInturff & Co. we treasure the holidays and the time spent with family and friends. Gifting is one of our favorite ways to say “thank you” to the people we know and love. We hope you can find a few gifts that resonate with you and if you don’t, let us know and we will include it in next year’s guide!


gift guide for homeowners

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