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10 Instagram Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Enter: the dreaded scroll hole! Yet, some of our favorite clients have found us through Instagram. Social media can be a funny tension of navigating the algorithm (and fighting it sometimes, let’s be honest!) but also wanting to take advantage of a free marketing platform. That said, it is so rewarding being able to stay connected with your clients in an authentic way where you can share what’s going on in your life and business, all while taking advantage of what the platform has to offer. Que our list of Instagram post ideas!

Make no mistake though, coming up with ideas for posts when you get in a rut can be challenging! These are the posts we fall back on when we’re feeling uninspired or overwhelmed with how to show up on the ‘gram. We hope they help you, so you can show up for your people and deliver them value! Tag us on Instagram if you choose to use any of these ideas:

  • Local Coffee Shop/Bakery Highlight
  • Branded Market Update
  • Interior Design Inspiration
  • List of Upcoming Events in Your City
  • Client Shoutout
  • Favorite Family Recipe
  • Closing Gift Ideas
  • Collaboration Post with a Local Business
  • A Day In the Life (Realtor Behind-the-Scenes!)
  • Listing Spotlight of Favorite Properties on the Market

Local Coffee Shop/Bakery Highlight

One of our favorite ways to share this is in the Instagram Reel format. It is super easy to film a few 3-second clips while visiting your local coffee house. Some examples of clips could be you getting your coffee or baked good, walking in through the front door, showing the menu, sipping on your coffee, the list goes on. If you want to stray away from the video format, it would be fun to post slides of your top 3 favorite lattes from around town or follow your journey on finding the best-baked goods in your city. Go crazy and do this Instagram post seasonally as the menus change!

Branded Market Update

It can be tempting to just copy and paste a screenshot of the generic MLS stats on your platform but think about your viewers. Is this palatable? Instead, try picking your 3 takeaways with a few statistics to go with it. Just open up Canva, rewrite the update in your own words, and integrate it with your brand colors/fonts (make sure to include your logo, too!). These types of posts are great for your audience to re-share with their following, so you want to make sure you include your logo for credibility. Bonus points if you include photos of your local area on the slides!

Interior Design Inspiration Instagram Post

You know all those hours you spend scrolling on Pinterest? (It’s okay, me too!) Well, you can actually make those productive for your social media content. Simply gather your favorite interior design photos, tag the creator/designer who posted them to Pinterest, and share them with your followers! Whether that be a seasonally themed collage, a carousel post describing your favorite design trends, or some easy ways to DIY your home space- these all make incredible Instagram post ideas. This can often open a really fun stream of engagement with your following and is a great option when you are needing to do a refresh on your Instagram account!

List of Upcoming Events in Your City

A great way to build credibility with your clients is to show that you are invested in your town. Simply keep a running list of events in your iPhone notes then at the beginning of each month, do a round-up post to share all the happenings in your city! Remember, you don’t need to include everything – you can create a niche for your account and target that more specifically. A few examples would be sharing about the holiday markets during Christmastime or sporting events happening that month. People often turn to Instagram post ideas to plan their weekends so make sure you are creating those guides for your followers.

Client Shoutout Instagram Post

We love our clients! Oftentimes, we can get caught up in trying to get more testimonials or Google Reviews, but what about sharing how wonderful our clients were to work with? (Hint: focus on your clients’ successes, not your own!). Does your client own a cool local business? Do they have a running club that meets weekly? Do they work for an incredible non-profit? What are ways you can build your people up? Think about your favorite client and then push yourself to write a paragraph of what you learned from them and share it with the world!

Favorite Family Recipe Instagram Post

We are convinced that everyone is united through food and “home” isn’t the same without unforgettable meals around the table. Think about the way you feel when someone delivers your favorite meal without you asking. Or, the memories you have shared with family members as you learn their top-secret pie recipe. Pick your favorite dish and either make a video, show the process on your story, or snap a picture of the finished product. (Make sure to share the recipe, as well). The world loves to look at food! Instagram post with food are often saved and shared as well so this will boost your engagement metrics as well.

Closing Gift Idea Instagram Post

Another fun way to engage with your following is to share your favorite ways to spoil your clients. Whether you make gift baskets, have personalized cutting boards, or hand deliver a bottle of wine at closing, you can share your “why” behind celebrating your clients. If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas, we have an incredible blog that will take you step-by-step here!

Collaboration with Local Businesses

Instagram has an incredible collaboration feature. When you share a piece of collaborative content, you can tag the other account and have your post feature on both feeds. This is an awesome way to share business and push traffic to both of your account pages. If you are feeling extra generous, you can throw in a gift card giveaway to help boost engagement!

A Day in Your Life Instagram Post

Did you know that one of the highest Googled questions about real estate agents is “What do Realtors do?” Take a day and respond. Share your breakfast, meetings, tours, handshakes, school pickups, end-of-day work bag mess, and the wine you open while debriefing the day. It’s also a great opportunity for your followers and clients to get to know you and see the human side of your business.

Listing Spotlight of Favorite Properties

Just like Pinterest, people have adopted the Zillow scroll. (Remember, real estate is very entertaining for people… I mean, have you seen Selling Sunset?!) It’s a way for people to imagine a life they don’t quite have yet, or to learn and obsess over different styles of homes. When you’re looking at inventory on the MLS, pick 3 or 4 jaw-dropping listings and share them on your Instagram Story. You can pick your favorite rooms in each home, highlight design features, or talk about the neighborhood, all of which demonstrate your knowledge and credibility as a local Realtor. Hint: Make sure to remind your followers to reach out if they want more information on any of the listings!

This mix of fun with personal touches will show your followers that you are the agent for them. While exploring and sharing parts of your city, you are building credibility and a brand for yourself. The places you visit and things you say about your community help to shape your brand and overall voice. So… share about your city more! Laugh about your day with your followers. Fill them in on your clients’ wins that day. You might be surprised at the new clients that start reaching out to you through Instagram when you do.

If any of this leaves you wanting more direction, feel free to fill out our contact form and we can get ahold of you to discuss our Agent Coaching sessions. Our team holds talented marketing skills, strategists and social media aficionados. Click here for more!


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